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Sustainable Protein develops factories for the production of insect based protein in the Benelux under an exclusive license from AgriProtein. With their licensed technology, organic waste can effectively be converted into high quality protein, which can be used in Europe amongst others as an animal feed, and pet food

The Sustainable Protein team is specialized in developing projects with a sustainable focus in the circular economy. Alongside careful stewardship of our existing activities and investments, we are continually exploring projects, which focus on disruptive bio-technology in food & feed. This should support our long-term strategic vision: combining innovation and business sense to become a global leader in securing a sustainable food chain.

The need for upcycling

Our natural resources, such as water and land have become critically degraded whilst our expanding population needs them most. This land, water, and sea we need to produce the food we eat. Therefor disruptive new thinking and solutions are needed in the way we feed and treat our planet, to solve the depletion and erosion of our natural resources.

One of these disruptive new thinking and solutions is the upcycling of existing organic residual nutrients (waste), which are transformed by black soldier fly larvae into a high quality natural protein, sold for use in animal, fish and pet feeds.

The impact we make

The nutrient upcycling factories reduce residuals to landfill, use in biogas plants and maximize the environmental and food security benefits that insects can provide. Moreover we aim to have a positive impact on our unsustainable use of fishmeal and deliver natural high quality protein for industrial agriculture, aquaculture and pet feeds. This process will start saving the fish in our seas, optimizing use of the nutrients in residuals and associated pollution, including greenhouse gas emissions.

Interreg – Bioboost Project

In the BioBoost project triple-helix partners from the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom are working together, to accelerate the transition to a biobased economy in horticulture. In this project the potential of upcycling of horticulture residues is defined and pilot- and testprojects of both research institutes and companies are being put into practice to be able to proof their added value. Lead partner is the Westland municipality and also Sustainable Protein is partner in this project, for more details on BioBoost and her partners please visit their website.

This project has received funding from the Interreg 2 Seas programme 2014-2020 co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund under subsidy contract No 2S01-038, the province of West Flanders and the province of South Holland.

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